With our well-trained team of Test Technicians, you can be confident they’re doing everything they can to maximize your bottom line by minimizing your downtime.   Stage I and Stage II Vapor Recovery Source Testing, Monitoring System Certifications, Tank and Product Line Testing, Line Leak Detectors, Secondary Containment, Cathodic Protection and virtually any other compliance service or test required at a fueling facility.  All of our Technicians are certified by the International Code Counsel (ICC) as well as manufacturer certifications from Veeder-Root, Incon, Gilbarco, Passport, Franklin Fueling Systems, OPW, Healy, Phil- Tite, EBW, Smith Fibercast, Bravo, Icon and dozens of others. California State Water Resources Control Board Licensed Tank Testers San Joaquin Valley Air District Tester Certified South Coast AQMD Rule 461 Tester Certified
        Office:  661.631.3870     Toll Free: 800.339.9930
If you are seeking an exceptional partner to help you through the complex maze of federal, state and local compliance requirements, contact Confidence UST Services, for more information.  We look forward to assisting you with your environmental compliance needs today and for many years to come. 800-339-9930


Compliance with Confidence UST Environmental compliance, construction and Maintenance
Since 1992, family owned and operated, Confidence UST Services, Inc. has proudly served businesses throughout California that own or operate underground storage tank systems (USTs).
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